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Abstracts can be submitted to Structured and Regular Sessions. The Congress Organisers reserve the right to shift accepted abstracts between sessions.

Structured Sessions are organised by scientists of acknowledged reputation who define the scope of the sessions, personally invite authors, review abstracts of contributed papers, schedule the papers, and finally chair the sessions.

List of the Regular Sessions:

T01 RS01Acoustic imaging and acoustic detection

T01 RS02Measurement techniques and sensors

(Lixue Wu, Canada)

T01 RS03Location and focussing

(Mitsunori Mizumachi, Japan)

T01 RS04Analysis, perception and render of 3D spatial sound

T01 RS05Measurement uncertainty in acoustics

T01 RS06Instrumentation for sound and vibration measurements and analyses

T02 RS01Active control of sound and vibration

T02 RS02Active structural acoustic control

T02 RS03Semi-active control

T03 RS01Aero acoustics

T03 RS02Aviation noise

T03 RS03 Flow induced noise

T04 RS01Community and environmental noise

(Lisa Lavia, United Kingdom & Anthony Gérard, Canada)

T04 RS02Noise impact assessment

(Stephen Keith, Canada & Martin Meunier, Canada)

T04 RS03Noise modelling and mapping

(Gaetano Licitra, Italy & Jose-Luis Cueto, Spain)

T04 RS04Wind Turbine Noise Impact and Exposure

(L.B. Coelho, Italy)

T05 RS01Ultrasound and Ultrasonic measurements

T05 RS02Ultrasonic measurement techniques and sensors

T05 RS03Physical acoustics

(Daniel Pereira, Canada)

T05 RS04Ultrasonic imaging

(Pierre Belanger, Canada)

T06 RS01Noise source identification in the workplace

T06 RS02Occupational noise modeling and mapping

T06 RS03Speech communication in workplaces

(Jeremie VOIX, Canada)

T07 RS01Modal analysis

(Benoit Magnain, France)

T07 RS02Vibration and control of nonlinear mechanical systems

(Daniele Botto, Italy & Teresa Berruti, Italy & Christian Firrone, Italy)

T07 RS03Structural acoustics and vibration

(Guilhem Michon, France & Ivan Breslaskyi, Canada & Évangéline Capiez-Lernout, France & Simon Jones, United States)

T07 RS04Rotordynamics

T07 RS05Fatigue, fracture and joint interfaces

T07 RS06Optimal design and uncertainty quantification

(Elsa Piollet, Canada)

T09 RS01Psychological and physiological acoustics

T09 RS02Cochlear modelling, otoacoustic emissions and electrophysiology

T09 RS03Speech communication in noise

T10 RS01Signal processing techniques for acoustic array systems and inverse problems

(Thomas Padois, Canada)

T10 RS02Fault diagnosis and prognosis

T10 RS03Machinery health monitoring

T10 RS04Signal processing in acoustics and vibration

T11 RS01Building acoustics

(Joohnee Lee, Canada)

T11 RS02Human response to noise and vibration in buildings

(Pyoung Jik Lee, United Kingdom)

T12 RS01Underwater sound

(Venugopalan Pallayil, Singapore)

T14 RS01Musical acoustics

T14 RS02Flow induced noise related to wind instruments

T14 RS03Virtual acoustics

T15 RS01Railway noise and vibration

(Georges Kouroussis, Belgium & Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Greece)

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