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Pliteq Inc.

Address: 131 Royal Group Crescent,Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, L4H 1X9
Phone: +1 416 449 0049
Fax: +1 416 849 0415
Webpage: https://pliteq.com
E-mail: info@pliteq.com

Pliteq® is an engineering firm dedicated to the design and manufacturing of sound isolation systems for residential and commercial applications. Harnessing the natural sound and vibration dampening properties of rubber, our patented solutions provide effective and efficient reduction in sound transmission through walls and floor/ceiling assemblies.



Address: 100 District Avenue Burlington, MA 01803 USA
Phone: +1-781-273-3322
Fax: +1-781-273-6603
Webpage: http://www.comsol.com
E-mail: info@comsol.com

COMSOL is a global provider of simulation software for product design, engineering, and research in technical enterprises, labs, and universities. COMSOL Multiphysics® is an integrated environment for creating physics-based models and simulation applications. Simulation experts use COMSOL Server™ and COMSOL Compiler™ to deploy applications to design teams and customers worldwide.



Address: Industrialdea Zona A. Pab 35. Asteasu E-20159, Gipuzkoa. Espa?a
Phone: +34 943 69 61 02
Fax: +34 943 69 62 19
Webpage: https://www.akustik.com/fr-FR/
E-mail: sales@amcsa.es

Booth(s) number: 31

Aplicaciones Mecánicas del Caucho (AMC) is a company that designs and produces anti-vibration mounts as well as noise insulation composites for industrial and building sectors.

Mecanum Inc.

Address: 2444 rue Bonin Sherbrooke (Qc) J1K 1C4 Canada
Phone: +1 819-346-5666
Fax: +1 819 563-0649
Webpage: http://www.mecanum.com/en/home/
E-mail: info@mecanum.com

Booth(s) number: 17

World leader in acoustic materials design, caracterisation and modelisation.

Dalimar Instrumen ts ULC

Address: 193 Joseph Carrier, Vaudreuil, Qc, Canada
Phone: +1 450-424-0033
Fax: +1 450-424-0030
Webpage: http://dalimar.ca/
E-mail: info@dalimar.ca

Booth(s) number: 9

Provider of edge technology in acoustics & vibration, product testing, data acquisition and transducers.

Odeon A/S

Address: Diplomvej 381, Lyngby, Danemark-du-Sud, Denmark
Phone: +45 8870-8845
Webpage: https://www.odeon.dk
E-mail: info@odeon.dk

Booth(s) number: 1

Odeon is state-of-the-art software developed for simulation and measurement of room acoustics.

MBI Products Company Inc.

Address: 801 Bond Street, Elyria, Ohio, United States
Phone: +1 440-322-6500
Fax: +1 440-322-1900
Webpage: http://mbiproducts.com/
E-mail: sales@mbiproducts.com

Booth(s) number: 19

Pioneers in the design and manufacturing of architectural acoustical products for over 50 years.

Mason Industries

Address: 11 Eastview Drive,Sound Beach, New York,11789, US
Phone: +1 631-348-0282
Webpage: http://www.mason-ind.com
E-mail: info@mason-ind.com

Booth(s) number: 10

International manufacturer of Vibration Control Products, Acoustical Floor Systems, Rubber Expansion Joints, and Structural Isolation Bearings for buildings and Railroads.


Address: 2512 Star Grass Cir, Austin, Texas,78745, US
Phone: +1 512-531-6442
Webpage: https://www.viacoustics.com
E-mail: info@viacoustics.com

Booth(s) number: 33

Software and turnkey systems for measurement of noise emissions of products and equipment, acoustic properties of materials, hearing protector testing and various hearing sciences applications using National Instruments hardware.


Address: 10730 Logan St, Whitehouse, Ohio, 43571, US
Phone: +1 419-5741739
Webpage: https://dewesoft.com/
E-mail: sales.us@dewesoft.com

Booth(s) number: 3

Data Acquisition Hardware and Software

GKM Consultants

Address: 2141 Nobel Street, Suite 101, Sainte-Julie, Quebec, J3E1Z9, Canada
Phone: +1 450-441-5444
Webpage: https://www.gkmconsultants.com
E-mail: info@gkmconsultants.com

Booth(s) number: 15

GKM's worldwide presence is anchored by a vast knowledge and expertise in monitoring solutions for mining, civil engineering, energy and environmental sectors.

Polytec, Inc.

Address: 16400 Bake Parkway, Irvine, California, 92618, US
Phone: +1 949-943-3033
Fax: +1 949-679-0463
Webpage: https://www.polytec.com
E-mail: info@polytec.com

Booth(s) number: 22


Address: Husinecka 10, Prague, Boh?me-Centrale, 13000, Czech Republic
Phone: 420 604 494 511
Webpage: https://www.dBVibroAcoustics.com
E-mail: Denis.Blanchet@dBVibroAcoustics.com

Booth(s) number: 34

We offer: Acoustics Simulation Consulting Services; Noise & Vibration Modelling Guidance; Training, Workshop, Technology Transfer, Retainer Services; Worldwide Services in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Rail; Top International Vibro-Acoustics Expertise; Unique creative approach to predictive simulation.


Address: 3-20-41 Higashimotomachi, Kokubunji, Tokyo-to, Japan, 1858533
Phone: 81-42-359-7170
Webpage: https://rion-sv.com/
E-mail: info@rion.co.jp

Booth(s) number: 36

RION is a manufacturer of Sound & Vibration measuring instruments


Address: Korunni 810/104, Prague ville-capitale, Czech Republic
Phone: +420602246342
Webpage: https://www.icsv27.org/
E-mail: katerina.hajkova@senatortravel.eu

Booth(s) number: 2

Czech organisation company for ICSV27 event in Prague.

Regupol Acoustics

Address: 11 Ritter Way, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: +1 (717) 644-3192
Webpage: https://www.regupol.com/acoustics/
E-mail: acoustics@regupol.com

Booth(s) number: 6

Regupol Acoustics is a worldwide leader in the noise control field with over 50 years of experience in producing acoustic floor underlayments, floating floor systems, resilient sound isolation clips, vibration isolation rubbers, foams, and much more.

GRAS Sound & Vibration

Address: Skovlytoften 33, Holte, Sj?lland, Denmark
Phone: +45 45664046
Webpage: http://www.gras.dk
E-mail: gras@gras.dk

Booth(s) number: 7

GRAS is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art measurement microphones. We serve R&D, QA and production units within aerospace, automotive, audiology, and consumer electronics with critical demands to microphone accuracy and repeatability.

Brüel & Kjær

Address: 22079 Olde Creek Trail, Strongsville, Ohio, US
Phone: +1 4405906688
Webpage: http://www.bksv.com
E-mail: info@bksv.com

Booth(s) number: 4

Bruel & Kjaer is the world leader in sound and vibration solutions. Please stop by our booth to see Bruel & Kjaer's newest Sound Level Meter creation and the unique Hi-Frequency Head & Torso Simulator. You will be delighted to experience the Acoustic Camera, an easy tool for nearfield and far field acoustic holography. Furthermore, we will have the following on display: the latest version of BK Connect Software, LAN-Xi Front End modules, and Transducers. Live demos of Bruel & Kjaer's Structural Analyses and Sound Intensity are sure to please. See you there.


Address: Strzyglowska 81, Warsaw, Voivodie de Mazovie, Poland
Phone: +48225188323
Webpage: http://www.svantek.com
E-mail: office@svantek.com.pl

Booth(s) number: 14

Sound and Vibration Measurement Solutions

FFT - Free Field Technologies

Address: Rue Emile Francqui 9, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Région Wallone, Belgium
Phone: 003210451226
Webpage: https://www.fft.be/
E-mail: contact@fft.be

Booth(s) number: 13

Free Field Technologies (FFT), an MSC Software Company, is a leading global company focused on acoustic simulation and engineering services.


Address: 13 Nambusunhwando-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea
Phone: +821050012065
Webpage: http://www.scien.global

Booth(s) number: 26

Canadian Acoustical Association

Address: Ryerson University Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: +1 416 979 5000 (3263)
Webpage: http://caa-aca.ca/?page_id=8

Booth(s) number: 23

he CAA is the professional, interdisciplinary organization that :

-fosters communication among people working in all areas of acoustics in Canada
-promotes the growth and practical application of knowledge in acoustics
-encourages education, research, protection of the environment, and employment in acoustics
-is an umbrella organization through which general issues in education, employment and research can be addressed at a national and multidisciplinary level

The CAA is a member society of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) and the International Commission for Acoustics (ICA), and is an affiliate society of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV).

Scantek, Inc.

Address: 6430 Dobbin Rd. Columbia, Maryland, United States, 21045
Phone: +1 410 384 4207
Fax: +1 410 290 9167
Webpage: https://www.scantekinc.com/
E-mail: info@scantekinc.com

Booth(s) number: 25

Scantek, Inc. leads in the sale, rental and calibration of sound and vibration instrumentation, accessories, and software, and provides expert support in their application and use.

Soft dB

Address: 250 av. Dunbar, Suite 203, Mont-Royal, Québec, H3P 3E5, Canada
Phone: +1 514-727-3800 # 309
Webpage: https://www.softdb.com
E-mail: info@softdb.com

Booth(s) number: 5

For more than 20 years, Soft dB has been recognized worldwide for its expertise in acoustics and vibration. Soft dB offers innovative products and services to improve productivity and working environments. Soft dB excels at optimizing acoustic comfort for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


Address: 505 de Maisonneuve Ouest Montréal, Québec, Canada
Phone: 514-288-1551
Webpage: https://www.irsst.qc.ca/en/
E-mail: Communications@irsst.qc.ca

Booth(s) number: 8

One of the leading OHS research centers in Canada, the IRSST conducts and funds research activities aimed at eliminating risks to worker health and safety and at promoting worker rehabilitation.

Ramea Green Barriers

Address: "517 Rang du Ruisseau-des-Anges Sud Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan, Québec, Canada"
Phone: 438-888-4585
Webpage: http://www.ramea.co
E-mail: mfortier@ramea.co

Booth(s) number: 20

Ramea green barriers is a company specialized in noise barrier solutions, we have developed an innovative line of willow-made noise barriers combining high efficiency and esthetics. Our products are designed to meet the most stringent quality standards and noise absorbency performance requirements in the industry.

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