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The 26th International Congress on Sound and Vibrations to be held in Montreal 7-11 July 2018 is a unique opportunity to gather researchers, scientists, engineers, writers, policy makers in one central location over several days in the very versatile and functional venue. To maximise the efficient use of time of ICSV26 delegates, the ICSV26 organising committee offers to existing and recognised working groups to hold one such business meeting concurrently with the regular breakout scientific sessions.

Contact ICSV26 General Chair for more information :

Event List
IIAV Publications Committee Meeting (Public with proper registration)

Date: Tuesday July 9, 12:30 to 13:10
Local: Outremont 3

Annual meeting of the IIAV Publications Committee.

Round table on environmental noise management (Public with proper registration)

Date: TBD
Local: TBD

This workshop comprises round table discussions and presentations on best practices for environmental noise management. Regardless of whether environmental noise is viewed as a public health concern, quality of life indicator, environmental pollutant, or planning resource, it has a significant impact on our citizens and the design of our municipalities and communities.

During the workshop, short presentations will be followed by an interactive exercise in smaller groups, where participants will co-design solutions to a specific environmental noise management issue. The goal is for participants to have an opportunity to share a wide variety of ideas, expertise and practical experience with one another. A larger group discussion will follow.

We encourage the participation of professionals in the public, academic and private sectors (i.e. researchers, professors, acousticians, sound engineers, urban planners, administrators of relevant areas, etc.). Presentations and discussions will be conducted in French and English. This event is supported by the ministries of Environment (MELCC) and Health (MSSS) of Quebec and is organized in collaboration with McGill University, École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), Université Laval and the Montreal Public Health Agency as a satellite event of the International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV).

An informal reception will take place following the workshop, which will allow participants to continue discussions and also network with one another. Snacks and beverage will be provided.

Journal of Sound and Vibration Editorial Advisory Board (by invitation only with proper registration)

Date: Wednesday July 10, 12:20 to 15:00
Local: Outremont 3

Journal of Sound and Vibration Editorial Advisory Board (for Editorial Board Members only)

Department of National Defence impulse noise community of practice (Private with proper registration)

Date: Thursday July 11 9:00 to 12:00
Local: Outremont 3

Members of the impulse noise community of practice within the Department of National Defence (DND), Government of Canada, are working towards developing a national standard for measuring impulse noise from all DND weapon systems, and the insertion loss of different types of hearing protection devices. It is well known that military impulse noise is complex and noise-induced hearing loss is a global problem. The intent of this meeting is to provide situational awareness of where impulse noise and hearing protection research is being conducted and current efforts for standardization, with the goal of promoting information exchange and collaboration. We invite researchers, engineers and policy makers from other nations, particularly those working in military noise, to this meeting to discuss current activities in 1) weapon noise measurement and analysis, 2) hearing protection device insertion loss measurement, and 3) standardization of measurement and hearing damage risk criteria.

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