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Because we all care for the future of our planet, this year’s ICSV event will feature several environmentally friendly initiatives, such as the reduced use of disposable and single-use items (electronic program, reusable dishes, etc.), the reduction of food waste (on-demand provisioning, leftovers to charitable, etc.) and the general subscription to a carbon-offsetting program to limit the impact on the greenhouse-gas emission caused by our numerous jet travels. We are confident you’ll support us in these initiatives and adapt your expectations accordingly.


Conference environmentally friendly initiatives:

  • • Reduced use of disposable and single-use items (reusable dishes, no plastic bottles, electronic program, downloadable proceedings, etc.)

  • • Reduction of food waste (on demand provisioning, leftovers to Tablée des chefs charitable, etc.)

  • • Carefull food and menu selection; use of fair-trade coffee beans

  • • Airport greeting team to facilitate the use of public transportation

  • • Subscription to "Fondation Gold Standard" certified carbon-offsetting program for all delegates travels ( Certificate P-2019-10008, issued on 2019/09/19 by Planetair.ca)

  • • Eco-responsible Delegate Bags:

- Locally made organic bag in polycoton twill 8 ounces
- Recycled notebook with organic soya-based ink
- Recycled plastic pen ecoresponsably produced
- Pure local maple syrup


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